Project Description Owner Last Change
bonanza.git XBoard version of this Shogi... H.G. Muller 11 months ago
capablanca.git Internet Chess-Variants Server H.G. Muller 7 months ago
fairymax.git Fairy-Max chess engine H.G. Muller 13 days ago
gnushogi.git Unnamed repository; edit this... H.G. Muller 8 months ago
gnushogi_old.git Version of GNU Shogi using... H.G. Muller 14 months ago
hachu.git WB engine for Chu Shogi and... H.G. Muller 3 weeks ago
p2p.git Peer-to-peer connection adapte... H.G. Muller 3 weeks ago
polyglot.git Protocol adapter to run UCI... H.G. Muller 2 weeks ago
shogivar.git Steve Evan's famous Shogi... H.G. Muller 3 weeks ago
uci2wb.git Cross-variant protocol adapter... H.G. Muller 6 days ago
xboard.git Chess and Xiangqi user interface H.G. Muller 2 weeks ago