Project Description Owner Last Change
bonanza.git XBoard version of this Shogi... H.G. Muller 10 months ago
capablanca.git Internet Chess-Variants Server H.G. Muller 5 months ago
fairymax.git Fairy-Max chess engine H.G. Muller 3 days ago
gnushogi.git Unnamed repository; edit this... H.G. Muller 7 months ago
gnushogi_old.git Version of GNU Shogi using... H.G. Muller 12 months ago
hachu.git WB engine for Chu Shogi and... H.G. Muller 29 hours ago
polyglot.git Protocol adapter to run UCI... H.G. Muller 11 days ago
shogivar.git Steve Evan's famous Shogi... H.G. Muller 10 days ago
uci2wb.git Cross-variant protocol adapter... H.G. Muller 22 months ago
xboard.git Chess and Xiangqi user interface H.G. Muller 3 hours ago