Hack to bypass timeseal decoder
[capablanca.git] / lasker-2.2.3 / bots /
2013-02-25 H.G. MullerAllow mamer addtotourney to do late-joins
2013-02-25 H.G. MullerReduce number of lines in who command to 8
2013-02-25 H.G. MullerPrint paused status in tourney overview
2011-11-29 H.G. MullerFix mamer crash on listmanagers command
2011-11-03 H.G. MullerAdd pause function to mamer
2011-10-22 H.G. MullerAdd 2-sec delay before issuing rmatch
2011-10-21 H.G. MullerLet mamer take colors into account for pairing
2011-10-21 H.G. MullerMake mamer compilable
2011-10-21 H.G. MullerCheck in modified mamer
2010-03-12 H.G. MullerPreconfigure admin as TM for mamer in the distribution
2010-03-12 H.G. MullerFix color assignment by mamer
2010-01-18 H.G. MullerCheck-in Lasker-2.2.3 tar ball from samba.org