Fix crash after recursive aliasing
[capablanca.git] / lasker-2.2.3 / src / gamedb.c
2012-09-15 H.G. MullerFix classification of variant games
2012-01-07 H.G. MullerImplement test for perpetual checking
2011-12-31 H.G. MullerImplement Spartan Chess
2011-12-01 H.G. MullerSeirawan gatings on castling
2011-11-03 H.G. MullerIncrease number of games retained in history to 40
2010-03-12 H.G. MullerFix crash on rated Gothic games
2010-01-18 H.G. MullerCheck-in modifications made by HGM so far
2010-01-18 H.G. MullerCheck-in Lasker-2.2.3 tar ball from