2018-08-12 H.G.MullerFix Pawn-drop mate in Kyoto Shogi master
2018-08-12 H.G.MullerFix periodic updates
2018-08-12 H.G.MullerInclude time.h for Windows
2018-05-29 H.G.MullerFix periodic updates
2018-04-13 H.G.MullerFix Euro-Shogi holdings size
2018-04-13 H.G.MullerFix periodic upates
2018-04-13 H.G.MullerFix move of black +N in Euro-Shogi
2018-04-13 H.G.MullerImplement 'pause' command
2018-04-12 H.G.MullerAdd option for move exclusion
2018-04-12 H.G.MullerGroup demotions with non-captures
2018-04-12 H.G.MullerImplement playing by node count
2018-04-12 H.G.MullerImprove move sorting
2018-04-12 H.G.MullerImplement multi-PV
2018-04-12 H.G.MullerImplement move exclusion
2018-04-12 H.G.MullerImplement periodic upates
2018-04-12 H.G.MullerImplement analysis mode
2018-04-12 H.G.MullerMove #includes of system headers to top of file
2018-04-12 H.G.MullerSuppress pruning of futile interpositions in Kyoto...
2018-04-12 H.G.MullerSimplify CheckDrops()
2018-04-12 H.G.MullerMake length of repeat key symbolic
2018-04-10 H.G.MullerImplement Kyoto Shogi
2018-04-10 H.G.MullerMake entry of promoting drops possible
2018-04-10 H.G.MullerAllow demotion of pieces
2018-04-10 H.G.MullerDon't assume Knight to be always piece number 6
2018-04-10 H.G.MullerImplement promotion drops
2018-04-10 H.G.MullerAllow entire board to be promotion zone
2018-04-10 H.G.MullerAllow overlapping promotions zones
2018-04-10 H.G.MullerMake reference to mini-Shogi symbolic
2018-04-10 H.G.MullerFix recognition of CECP 'level' command
2018-04-10 H.G.MullerFix taking back of moves
2018-04-10 H.G.MullerFix recognition of variant 11x17+16_shogi
2018-02-20 H.G.MullerAdd Euro-Shogi
2018-02-19 H.G.MullerFix Tori and Alien Wa
2018-02-18 H.G.MullerChange code for testing acceptable evasion drops
2018-02-18 H.G.MullerFix of double-Q-sac fix
2018-02-18 H.G.MullerBump version to 1.0.5
2018-02-18 H.G.MullerBump version number to 1.0.4
2018-02-18 H.G.MullerMake index of Tori Shogi symbolic
2018-02-18 H.G.MullerFix board corruption on null move
2018-02-18 H.G.MullerSuppress initiative bonus after spite check
2018-02-17 H.G.MullerRemove spurious setting of alpha
2018-02-17 H.G.MullerFix score-range return on pin break
2018-02-17 H.G.MullerRemember 12 bits of eval in repeat keys
2018-02-17 H.G.MullerImplement iterative deepening in QS
2018-02-11 H.G.MullerFix castling through check
2018-02-11 H.G.MullerFix check test
2017-06-03 H.G.MullerAdd logo
2017-06-03 H.G.MullerAdd source for man page
2017-05-29 H.G.MullerDefine 11x17+16_chu as alias for Wa Shogi
2017-05-29 H.G.MullerRemove most debug print statements
2017-05-29 H.G.MullerFix typo in anaSP
2017-05-29 H.G.MullerMask sort key from move when storing path
2017-05-29 H.G.MullerMake sure no early move generation in null-move reply
2017-05-29 H.G.MullerRestore analogy stack pointer on second stand pat
2017-05-29 H.G.MullerClear complete repetition hash
2017-05-15 H.G.MullerClear hash table before every move
2017-05-15 H.G.MullerRehash repetition keys in steps of 1
2017-05-15 H.G.MullerMove Key declaration upstream
2017-05-15 H.G.MullerReduce maxDepth
2017-05-15 H.G.MullerPrevent pawn-drop mates in Shogi
2017-05-15 H.G.MullerDon't randomize mate scores
2017-05-15 H.G.MullerReturn a depth with repeats
2017-05-15 H.G.MullerFix spurious PV after repeat
2017-05-15 H.G.MullerScore quasi-repeats somewhat less severe
2017-05-15 H.G.MullerEvaluate perpetual checks in Shogi variants
2017-05-15 H.G.MullerRemember ply level at which position previously occurred
2017-05-15 H.G.MullerEnable Knight PST in Crazyhouse
2017-05-15 H.G.MullerRecord game history
2017-05-15 H.G.MullerPrevent spoiling of castling rights on setup
2017-05-15 H.G.MullerConsider extra moves in some horizon nodes
2017-05-15 H.G.MullerMake assert exits dependent on DEBUG switch
2017-05-15 H.G.MullerApply delayed-loss bonus to analogy
2017-05-15 H.G.MullerReturn depth after mate-depth pruning
2017-05-14 H.G.MullerAdd some Crazyhouse eval terms
2017-05-14 H.G.MullerReduce null move less after first spite check
2017-05-14 H.G.MullerKeep analogy stack pointer
2017-05-14 H.G.MullerForbid stand-pat after checking
2017-02-07 H.G.MullerPut depth limit on QS
2017-02-07 H.G.MullerCorrect comments in step lists
2017-02-07 H.G.MullerSuppress hash cutoffs in root
2017-02-07 H.G.MullerImplement initiative bonus
2017-02-07 H.G.MullerSet return move already when we get new PV
2017-02-07 H.G.MullerAllow up to 1GB hash
2017-02-07 H.G.MullerInherit killers from before check + evasion
2017-02-07 H.G.MullerReduce thinking time in Wa Shogi
2017-02-07 H.G.MullerPrevent check evasions can become killers
2017-02-07 H.G.MullerImplement mate killers
2017-02-07 H.G.MullerAdapt PST for small variants
2017-02-07 H.G.MullerAssign correct PST in all Shogi variants
2017-02-06 H.G.MullerReject obviously wrong hash move
2017-02-06 H.G.MullerAllow only moves that beat alpha to become best move
2017-02-06 H.G.MullerDo not try killers when in check
2017-02-06 H.G.MullerFix null move
2017-02-06 H.G.MullerFix crash by input-buffer overrun
2017-02-06 H.G.MullerImplement history heuristic
2017-02-06 H.G.MullerKeep track of checking history
2017-02-06 H.G.MullerUse CECP mate-score convention
2017-02-06 H.G.MullerAllow e.p. capture as check evasion
2017-02-06 H.G.MullerIndicate last rank in zone table
2017-02-06 H.G.MullerFix deferral