descriptionFairy-Max chess engine
ownerH.G. Muller
last changeThu, 23 Oct 2014 18:49:14 +0000
17 hours ago H.G.MullerSimplify man production rule in Makefile master
18 hours ago H.G.MullerLet 'make dist' use fairymax.c version in tar-ball...
20 hours ago H.G.MullerImplement -v option for printing version number
42 hours ago H.G.MullerBump version number 4.8V
2 days ago H.G.MullerChange symbol of Mammoth in Team Mate to cannon
2 days ago H.G.MullerFix detection of bare Kings
6 days ago H.G.MullerRepair initial position of ASEAN 4.8U
7 days ago H.G.MullerUpdate chagelog
8 days ago H.G.MullerBump version number to 4.8U
8 days ago H.G.MullerAdapt the comments in the ini-file to be more informative
8 days ago H.G.MullerImplement Info option
8 days ago H.G.MullerReorder engine-defined options
8 days ago H.G.MullerRemove fairy/Spartan
8 days ago H.G.MullerChange name of Companion Chess to Team-Mate Chess
8 days ago H.G.MullerForbid promotion to pieces with value ending in 3
8 days ago H.G.MullerAdd remark on royal-on-hill winning condition in ini...
42 hours ago 4.8V
6 days ago 4.8U
6 weeks ago 4.8T
17 months ago 4.8S Version 4.8S
3 years ago 4.8R
3 years ago 4.8Q
3 years ago 4.8P
4 years ago 4.8O
4 years ago 4.8N
17 hours ago master
9 months ago pairomax