descriptionFairy-Max chess engine
ownerH.G. Muller
last changeTue, 9 Feb 2016 21:19:31 +0000
3 days ago H.G.MullerAdapt pieceToChar strings to new XBoard 4.9 piece order master
2016-01-27 H.G.MullerImplement 'random' command
2016-01-27 H.G.MullerFix preserving game history during undo
2016-01-27 H.G.MullerDo not drop out of analysis on checkmate
2016-01-27 H.G.MullerPrint mate scores according to new CECP standard
2016-01-26 H.G.MullerBump version number
2016-01-26 H.G.MullerClear rather than invalidate hash table on null-move...
2016-01-26 H.G.MullerUse notation with explicit 2nd-stage step in ini file
2016-01-26 H.G.MullerLet 3rd move param specify secondary board step
2016-01-26 H.G.MullerChange default promotion piece in ASEAN to Rook
2016-01-26 H.G.MullerFix cosmetic layout typo
2016-01-26 H.G.MullerFix e.p. after null move
2016-01-25 H.G.MullerUse macro name FAIRYDIR instead of DATADIR
2016-01-25 H.G.MullerMention persistent hash in changelog
2016-01-25 H.G.MullerFix e.p. capture after 3rd-rank double push
2016-01-24 H.G.MullerDescribe persistent hash in man page
15 months ago 4.8V
15 months ago 4.8U
17 months ago 4.8T
2 years ago 4.8S Version 4.8S
4 years ago 4.8R
5 years ago 4.8Q
5 years ago 4.8P
6 years ago 4.8O
6 years ago 4.8N
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