2014-11-06 H.G.MullerVersion 0.5 master v0.5
2014-11-06 H.G.MullerRecognize host by name, rather than IP address
2014-11-06 H.G.MullerMake own routine to print IP address
2014-11-06 H.G.MullerImplement relay server
2014-11-06 H.G.MullerWait for password confirmation
2014-11-06 H.G.MullerDescribe engine-defined variants v0.4
2014-11-06 H.G.MullerAdd draw command to protocol description
2014-11-06 H.G.MullerSend variant-specific info from file to GUI
2012-07-17 H.G. MullerVersion 0.3: add draw handling and setting up position v0.3
2012-07-17 H.G. MullerAdd screenshot of password settings
2012-07-17 H.G. MullerFix takeback bug, and possible move-list overflow
2012-07-17 H.G. MullerUpdate protocol specs
2012-07-17 H.G. MullerUpdate README file
2012-07-17 H.G. MullerVersion 0.2: security patch and code cleanup
2012-07-16 H.G. MullerDelete some disabled (example) code
2012-07-16 H.G. MullerBig-time debugging
2012-07-16 H.G. MullerDelete spurious ws
2012-07-16 H.G. MullerCheck in p2p documentation
2012-07-16 H.G. MullerCheck in initial version of p2p