2020-05-01 H.G.MullerUpdate changelog CwDA cwda-0.3
2020-05-01 H.G.MullerRewrite man page for CwDA version
2020-04-29 H.G.MullerBump version to 0.3
2020-04-29 H.G.MullerImplement lame leaps
2020-04-29 H.G.MullerPrevent under-promotions messing up KBPK evaluation
2020-04-29 H.G.MullerFix KBPK recognizer
2020-04-29 H.G.MullerMake R4 move set configurable
2020-04-28 H.G.MullerFix pieceToChar printing without traitors
2020-04-28 H.G.MullerFix undo in variants
2020-04-28 H.G.MullerSlight eval tuning
2020-04-28 H.G.MullerFix check test with traitor promotion
2020-04-28 H.G.MullerImplement initial move of Dragoon
2020-04-28 H.G.MullerMake Daring Dragons selectable
2020-04-28 H.G.MullerImplement Dragonfly end-game evaluation
2020-04-27 H.G.MullerFix corner penalty
2020-04-27 H.G.MullerMake check test handle ski-sliders
2020-04-26 H.G.MullerAdd example of custom game definition
2020-04-25 H.G.MullerRead file with custom army definition
2020-04-25 H.G.MullerBump version to 0.2
2020-04-25 H.G.MullerFix piece-to-char table for new IDs
2020-04-25 H.G.MullerRefactor making of input move
2020-04-25 H.G.MullerFix piece location after promotion
2020-04-25 H.G.MullerDisable bad-capture abortion
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerAllow generation of bent slider moves
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerRemember root move list for debugging purposes
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerEnable some eval terms by default
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerRewrite material evaluation
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerImplement traitor promotion
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerAdapt printing moves to CwDA
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerAdapt move parser for CwDA
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerSupport evaluation that penalizes corner of given shade
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerAdapt FEN parser to CwDA
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerAdd work-around option for forcing castling rights
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerAdd options to control traitor promotion and old names
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerRecognize the various CwDA sub-variants
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerAdd routine to initialize an entire (standard) army
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerInitialize piece properties from table with all CwDA...
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerReplace check test
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerExpand number of capture codes
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerMake castling purely table-based
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerMake per-move specification of range possible
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerMake room for 7th piece type
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerChange name to KingSlayer
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerUse CECP standard mate scores in Thinking Output
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerFix material key for set-up position
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerFix game-phase interpolation
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerRefactor making of moves
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerKeep track of material key
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerAlter syntax of game phase
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerMake proper use of PAWNMASK macro
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerFix determination of abortion treshold
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerFix node abort on bad captures
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerSkip zapped moves only after sorting
2020-04-24 H.G.MullerMake sure killers are extracted only once
2015-10-02 H.G.Mullerimplement postponing of dubious captures
2015-10-02 H.G.MullerUse some macros to enhance readability
2015-10-02 H.G.MullerImplement input of under-promotion
2015-10-01 H.G.MullerFix TakeBack of moves
2015-09-30 H.G.MullerSilence some warnings
2015-09-30 H.G.MullerFix drawishness recognition with single pawn
2015-09-30 H.G.MullerFix KPKdraw for rook pawns
2015-09-30 H.G.MullerAdd Makefile
2015-09-30 H.G.MullerAdd Change Log
2015-09-30 H.G.MullerAdd README file
2015-09-30 H.G.MullerAdd man page
2015-09-30 H.G.MullerAdd logo
2015-09-30 H.G.MullerAdd plugin-spec file
2015-09-30 H.G.MullerFix sigint and sigterm
2015-09-29 H.G.MullerIncrease startAlpha to static eval in QS
2015-09-03 H.G.MullerFix crippling null-move bug
2015-09-03 H.G.MullerIncrease bonus for hindering passers with King
2015-09-03 H.G.MullerFix detection of white backward Pawns
2015-08-29 H.G.MullerPut evaluation in a separate routine
2015-08-29 H.G.MullerImprove logic of in-check detection
2015-08-28 H.G.MullerFix opening piece values
2015-08-28 H.G.MullerImplement KBNK checkmating
2015-08-28 H.G.MullerFix hashing of QS nodes
2015-08-28 H.G.MullerFix self-deepening of late moves in PV nodes
2015-08-28 H.G.MullerPrevent overflow of Pawn-shield score
2015-08-28 H.G.MullerFix KPK and KBPK recognizers
2015-08-28 H.G.MullerFix e.p. capture
2015-08-26 H.G.MullerCheck in source of first working version