descriptionCross-variant protocol adapter for UCI dialects
ownerH.G. Muller
last changeFri, 21 Dec 2018 15:26:51 +0000 (16:26 +0100)
2018-12-21 H.G.MullerSuppress 2nd isready handshake on spurious 'new' master
2018-12-21 H.G.MullerToggle stm in engine thread
2018-12-21 H.G.MullerMake sure 'quit' is sent to tardy engine
2018-12-09 H.G.MullerLet LaunchSearch() also start ponder search v4.0
2018-12-08 H.G.MullerBump version to 4.0
2018-12-08 H.G.MullerUpdate changelog
2018-12-08 H.G.MullerFix periodic updates
2018-12-08 H.G.MullerUpdate change log
2018-12-08 H.G.MullerPrint compliant error message on invalid command
2018-12-08 H.G.MullerExercise UCCI option 'newgame' also after 'isready...
2018-12-08 H.G.MullerDo not queue ignored commands
2018-12-08 H.G.MullerDebug recent changes
2018-12-08 H.G.MullerFix pondering with incremental TC
2018-12-08 H.G.MullerRefrain from starting analysis search if all moves...
2018-12-08 H.G.MullerHandle periodic updates with easy commands
2018-12-08 H.G.MullerChange StopPonder() into more general StopSearch()
5 months ago v4.0
2 years ago v2.3
4 years ago v2.0
5 months ago master