WinBoard Gold Pack

The WinBoard Gold Pack 4.4.0

For the ultimate WinBoard experience!

This package bundles the core set of WinBoard and support programs, such as a tournament manager, UCI adapter, opening book, sample WinBoard and UCI engines. All pre-installed and ready to run, in order to provide an example for how things can be done.

The package includes:

WinBoard 4.4.0          A GUI for Chess, to play a game or match between two WinBoard engines
                        (Written by Tim Mann, Alessandro Scotti, HG.Muller and many, many others)
Polyglot 1.5w22         An adapter to allow UCI engines to play under WinBoard (Fabien Letouzy)
                        Version adapted to run without cygwin1.dll by Fonzy Bleumers,
                        and to understand the WB protocol extensions by Michel van den Bergh
PSWBTM 2.0              A tournament manager, which invokes WinBoard repeatedly
                        in order toplay a complete tournament (round-robin or gauntlet)
                        It also manages a database of engines (Pradu Kannan)
default.bin             A small opening book used by Polyglot and WinBoard (Guenther Simon)
Fairy-Max 4.8(J)        Example of a WinBoard engine, which plays many variants (H.G.Muller)
Start positions         The famous Nunn and Silver opening sets, as PGN or FEN file, respectively
bitmaps                 To give the Chess board a wood texture (David Dahlem)
hgtable.exe             A program to make a plain-text cross table from a PGN file (H.G.Muller)
These html pages        To provide a tutorial for explaining how to use what is here,
                           or how to obtain what is still missing (for legal reasons).
Most software is supplied without source code, but it is all open source, and links for downloading the source code are given below.

Some very useful programs or data files could not be included for reasons of incompatible licenses. It might be a good idea to start with downloading those from their respective sources, so everything works immediately when you try to reproduce the examples discussed in this tutorial. This applies to:

Chess Mark              A Chess Font, to dress up the appearance of the WinBoard graphics
PolyglotGUI             A program by Alex Guerrero to help configuring UCI engines


To install the missing components:

Installing Polyglot GUI

Using the Components of this Package:

Running an Engine with PSWBTM

Running a Tournament with PSWBTM

Installing new engines

Configuring PSWBTM

Installing UCI engines

Making Shortcuts to run WinBoard

Changing the Look of Board and Pieces

More Detailed Information

WinBoard Protocol Description

Overview of new WinBoard Options in Version 4.3.xx

Links for Downloading Source Files and Additional Data

WinBoard Source Code

Polyglot Source Code

PSWBTM Home Page

PSWBTM 2.0 Source Code

Polyglot GUI Home Page

A good Source of Chess Fonts

Polygot GUI download link