removed bitmaps files that are not needed any more
authorH.G. Muller <>
Mon, 26 Oct 2009 06:02:08 +0000 (23:02 -0700)
committerArun Persaud <>
Mon, 26 Oct 2009 06:02:08 +0000 (23:02 -0700)
removed bitmaps files that are not needed any more
36 files changed:
bitmaps/ [deleted file]
bitmaps/fixup.sed [deleted file]
bitmaps/ [deleted file]
bitmaps/ [deleted file]
bitmaps/ [deleted file]
bitmaps/ [deleted file]
bitmaps/ [deleted file]
bitmaps/ [deleted file]
pixmaps/asdd45.xpm [deleted file]
pixmaps/asdl45.xpm [deleted file]
pixmaps/asld45.xpm [deleted file]
pixmaps/asll45.xpm [deleted file]
pixmaps/vdd54.xpm [deleted file]
pixmaps/vdl54.xpm [deleted file]
pixmaps/vld54.xpm [deleted file]
pixmaps/vll54.xpm [deleted file]
pixmaps/wdd54.xpm [deleted file]
pixmaps/wdl54.xpm [deleted file]
pixmaps/wld54.xpm [deleted file]
pixmaps/wll54.xpm [deleted file]
winboard/bitmaps/as45o.bmp [deleted file]
winboard/bitmaps/as45s.bmp [deleted file]
winboard/bitmaps/as45w.bmp [deleted file]
winboard/bitmaps/bas.gif [deleted file]
winboard/bitmaps/bcv.gif [deleted file]
winboard/bitmaps/bitmaps.h [deleted file]
winboard/bitmaps/h129o.bmp [deleted file]
winboard/bitmaps/m129o.bmp [deleted file]
winboard/bitmaps/v54o.bmp [deleted file]
winboard/bitmaps/v54s.bmp [deleted file]
winboard/bitmaps/v54w.bmp [deleted file]
winboard/bitmaps/w54o.bmp [deleted file]
winboard/bitmaps/w54s.bmp [deleted file]
winboard/bitmaps/w54w.bmp [deleted file]
winboard/bitmaps/was.gif [deleted file]
winboard/bitmaps/wcv.gif [deleted file]