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2009-07-12 Arun Persaudupdated AUTHORS with the help of git
2009-07-12 Arun Persaudcleaned up old CVS left overs
2009-06-05 Eric Mullinsadding support for different windows compiler
2009-05-28 Arun Persaudupdated INSTALL, NEWS and other files for new release
2009-05-02 Arun PersaudMerge commit 'v4.3.16'
2009-05-02 H.G. Mullerchanges from H.G. Muller; version 4.3.14 v4.3.14
2009-02-28 Arun Persaudadded myself to the AUTHOR file
2003-11-02 Tim MannChecked that this file is still up to date and added...