use linux style options for config file and add a system config file for XBoard
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2009-09-01 H.G. Mullerupdated documentation
2009-07-01 H.G. Mullerupdated the FAQ
2009-06-13 Arun Persaudcleaned up HTML in FAQ.html -- still need to work on... v4.4.0.alpha6
2009-06-06 H.G. Mullerupdated documentation and FAQ
2009-05-02 Arun PersaudMerge commit 'v4.3.16'
2009-05-02 H.G. Mullerchanges from H.G. Muller; version 4.3.14 v4.3.14
2005-03-29 Tim MannAdded some info about XBoard on a Mac, from an old...
2004-03-23 Tim MannAttempt to despam email addresses. Delete mine entirel...
2003-12-03 Tim mailing list is fixed now.
2003-11-28 Tim MannSketchy FAQ updates for 4.2.7. The FAQ really needs...
2003-10-27 Tim MannThese are the changes I had made in my source tree...
2003-10-27 Tim MannInitial checkin. I created this by combining the XBoar... v4.2.6