64-bit constants need an ll, ull, i64, or ui64 suffix.
[xboard.git] / backend.c
2005-02-15 Tim Mann64-bit constants need an ll, ull, i64, or ui64 suffix.
2004-12-21 Daniel Mehrmannhotfix
2004-12-20 Daniel Mehrmanndeleted new gui protocol string
2004-11-06 Daniel MehrmannAdded new wb2 protocol command "gui <GUI_NAME> <VERSION...
2004-07-05 Daniel Mehrmannxboard filedebug need <ICS lines too
2004-06-29 Daniel MehrmannAdded color lines if zippy used with xboard
2004-06-28 Daniel Mehrmannbugfix: normal analyze mode doesn't start
2004-06-28 Daniel Mehrmannclose icsEngineAnalyze if user remove observe games...
2004-06-26 Daniel MehrmannDrop all engine output if icsEngineAnalyze is active
2004-06-26 Daniel Mehrmanncleanup icsEngineAnalyze
2004-06-22 Daniel MehrmannAdded ICS engine analyze for winboard - not ready but...
2004-04-28 Daniel MehrmannAdded u64 to double cast for all compiler
2004-04-03 Tim Mann1. Fix compilation error on line 308: missing type...
2004-02-15 Daniel MehrmannBugfix bug #6908
2004-02-15 Daniel Mehrmannbugs #6908: Bugfix node count
2004-02-12 Daniel MehrmannBugfix draw offer to engine if color zippy enable.
2004-02-11 Daniel MehrmannAdd color zippy lines for winboard
2003-12-25 uid69079Added xboard i18n
2003-11-28 Tim MannLast (?) round of small changes for 4.2.7; see new...
2003-11-24 Tim MannFixed an error I made when cleaning up Daniel's long...
2003-11-17 Tim MannGenerate the xboard man page (now covering cmail too...
2003-11-06 Tim MannFix ToDo item #406
2003-10-28 Tim MannDon't use C++ comment syntax -- oops.
2003-10-27 Tim MannThese are the changes I had made in my source tree...
2003-10-27 Tim MannInitial checkin. I created this by combining the XBoar... v4.2.6