Alow promotions and drops in book-editing
[xboard.git] / book.c
2011-05-11 H.G. MullerAlow promotions and drops in book-editing
2011-05-11 H.G. MullerInclude learn info in book edit
2011-05-07 H.G. MullerMake book-edit function WB
2010-11-09 H.G. MullerBugfix for safeStrCpy patch for XBoard
2010-10-08 H.G. MullerFix uninitialized variable in book code
2010-10-08 Arun Persaudsecurity fix: replaced strcpy with safeStrCpy from...
2010-08-14 H.G. MullerAdd some book-control options
2009-11-06 H.G. MullerIntegrate castling and e.p. rights into board array...
2009-10-26 H.G. MullerThe book-probe code forgot to close the book file after...
2009-06-13 H.G. Mullerfixed bug with random calls
2009-06-06 H.G. Mullersource clean up. Fix compiler warning, removed unused...
2009-05-29 Arun PersaudUpdated all files to GPL version 3.
2009-05-08 H.G. Mullersmall changes to book.c
2009-05-02 Arun PersaudMerge commit 'v4.3.16'
2009-05-02 H.G. Mullerchanges from H.G. Muller; version 4.3.15 v4.3.15