Fix deferral on sweep promotions
[xboard.git] / gtk /
2016-05-08 H.G.MullerAlso supply shortcut for start directory in GTK file...
2016-05-08 H.G.MullerMake preview message in file-chooser title bar a bit...
2016-05-08 H.G.MullerCommit forgotten prototype
2016-05-08 H.G.MullerMake preview resistent to nothing being selected
2016-05-08 H.G.MullerPoint out preview in title of file chooser GTK
2016-05-08 H.G.MullerFix sizing problem in i3wm tiling window manager GTK
2016-05-08 H.G.MullerLet file chooser show preview of textures on board
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerProvide help clicks on recently-used-engines menu items
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerImprove resize/co-dragging GTK
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerFix size collapse to 0 after too-small sizing
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerAlso put themes and textures in file chooser GTK
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerAdd DATADIR as shortcut folder to file chooser
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerFix browsing for folders, and allow starting in DATADIR
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerStart button-activated browse near old field contents GTK
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerFix history/eng.out font setting on sizing and other bug
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerApply fonts in 'other windows' after sizing
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerOnly save fonts that are not defaults
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerConditionally replace 'other-window' fonts on sizing
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerReset fontIsSet when sizing causes change to default...
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerFix bold button fix
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerLock board size when clock changes to two lines
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerPut fonts in font table in allocated memory after sizing
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerFix explosion of clocks for large board size GTK
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerSuppress menubar text clipping on resize in OSX App
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerFix clipping of menu texts after sizing
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerAdapt clock and message font after board-window sizing
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerPrevent message text widening window GTK
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerPick -boardSize on window width rather than square...
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerAdjust menu-text clipping to square size
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerMake user-adjusted board size quasi-persistent (GTK)
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerUnlock width requests in board window GTK
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerAdjust window height after clock-font change
2016-04-17 H.G.MullerSilence Clang warnings
2016-04-03 H.G.MullerSave font settings based on initial square size
2016-04-02 H.G.MullerLet color-pickers start at current color
2016-04-01 H.G.MullerUse GTK color picker instead of R, G, B and D buttons
2016-04-01 H.G.MullerUse the official GTK font selector
2016-04-01 H.G.MullerFix translation of dialog texts GTK
2016-04-01 H.G.MullerSilence warnings
2016-04-01 H.G.MullerReplace coord font control for ICS font control
2016-04-01 H.G.MullerLet font entries show preview of their own setting
2016-03-31 H.G.MullerAdd Fonts dialog
2016-03-29 H.G.MullerMake sizing more robust (GTK)
2016-03-29 H.G.MullerImprove behavior of secondary board on sizing main...
2016-03-19 Joshua PettusMark the gtk browse button for translation
2016-03-14 H.G.MullerPrint dynamic Datadir/Mandir on --show-config
2016-03-14 H.G.MullerUse dataDir/manDir variables always
2016-03-13 H.G.MullerUncomment line commentized for debugging purposes
2016-03-13 H.G.MullerFix popdown of Error/Help dialog through window-close...
2016-03-12 H.G.MullerMake help clicks resistent to NULL-pointer Label names help
2016-03-12 H.G.MullerMake location of man file dynamic for OSX
2016-03-11 H.G.MullerFix segfault on single-line help text
2016-03-11 H.G.MullerMake dialog labels and comboboxes also accept help...
2016-03-10 H.G.MullerSuppress echo of password in ICS Chat window (GTK)
2016-03-10 H.G.MullerFix popdown of menus on help click
2016-03-09 H.G.MullerImplement rough help popup
2016-03-09 H.G.MullerImplement help clicks
2016-03-08 H.G.MullerAllow use of context menu in text memos GTK
2016-03-08 H.G.MullerMake OK and Cancel buttons appear in top-level dialogs GTK
2016-03-08 H.G.MullerFix recognition of title in small layout
2016-03-08 H.G.MullerPreserve flip on pasting game when auto-flipView is off
2016-03-06 Arun PersaudMerge branch 'v4.8.x'
2016-03-06 Arun Persaudupdated copyright for 2016
2016-03-05 Arun PersaudMerge branch 'v4.8.x'
2016-02-27 H.G.MullerFix bug #45773 (needless #inclusion of cairo-xlib.h)
2016-02-27 H.G.MullerFix bug #45774 (GTK compile bug with ENABLE_NLS)
2016-02-07 H.G.MullerImprove variant recognition for enabling buttons (XB)
2016-02-06 H.G.MullerRemove debug printf
2016-02-05 H.G.MullerFix clipping of GTK menu-bar labels for broad boards
2016-02-01 H.G.MullerAllow engine to force popup of its settings dialog
2016-01-30 Joshua PettusBit more accelerator stuff
2016-01-30 Joshua PettusChange accelerators again to be more mac like
2016-01-28 Joshua PettusH.G.Muller's patch to avoid collisions with built-in...
2016-01-28 Joshua PettusH.G.Muller's patch to fix argument related spurious...
2016-01-28 Joshua Pettusback to the old header names for gtkosxapplication.h
2016-01-28 H.G.MullerFix highlighting in text memos (GTK)
2015-10-19 H.G.MullerFix grayout
2015-10-16 H.G.MullerGrayout Machine Match menu when aborting match
2015-09-19 H.G.MullerFix periodic updates GTK
2015-05-17 Arun PersaudUpdated copyright notice to 2015
2015-05-08 Joshua Pettusgtkmacintegration name change
2015-05-08 Joshua PettusMan and Info Page Fix
2015-05-08 Arun PersaudMerge branch 'v4.8.x' into master
2015-05-08 H.G.MullerImplement -positionDir option GTK
2015-05-08 H.G.MullerConnect OSX Quit menu to ExitEvent
2015-05-07 H.G.MullerTake heed of mnemonic indicator when clipping menu...
2015-05-07 H.G.MullerFix width of dual board GTK
2015-05-07 H.G.MullerUse Ctl-E in ICS chat to end chat
2015-05-07 H.G.MullerUse Ctrl-H in ICS Chat to close chat pane
2015-05-07 H.G.MullerLet <Esc> transfer focus from Board to ICS Input
2015-05-07 H.G.MullerDefine mnemonics for main menu bar
2015-05-07 H.G.MullerLet file selecor remember last used directory (GTK)
2015-05-07 H.G.MullerImplement -positionDir option GTK
2015-05-07 H.G.MullerConnect OSX Quit menu to ExitEvent
2014-10-24 H.G.MullerAdd persistent Boolean option -fixedSize
2014-10-22 H.G.MullerAttempt to make GTK sizing work with tiling WM
2014-10-22 H.G.MullerFix -xbuttons window width GTK
2014-10-21 H.G.MullerBase new square size on board widget allocation GTK
2014-10-21 H.G.MullerIgnore first configure event
2014-10-21 H.G.MullerLet GTK dialogs open with actual-size Graph widgets