2012-02-11 H.G. MullerMake -pgnNumberTag option setable from menu
2012-02-11 H.G. MullerConfigure some new features switched on
2012-02-11 H.G. MullerFix heigth of multi-line labels
2012-02-11 H.G. MullerFix popdown seekgraph on forward-event XB
2012-02-11 H.G. MullerPut front-end support for -recentEngines in XBoard
2012-02-11 H.G. MullerBetter solution to button-height problem
2012-02-10 H.G. MullerFix warning
2012-02-10 H.G. MullerFix sleeping bug
2012-02-10 H.G. MullerFix unloading of first engine on tourney start
2012-02-10 H.G. MullerRemove some of the most verbose debug output
2012-02-10 H.G. MullerDelete some unused WinBoard bitmaps
2012-02-10 H.G. MullerCosmetic: change 4.5 to 4.6 in xboard.conf comment
2012-02-10 H.G. MullerFix crash on empty combobox menu XB
2012-02-10 H.G. MullerFix position of checkbox XB
2012-02-10 H.G. MullerFix heights in Engine Output window XB
2012-02-10 H.G. MullerDerive height of text-edits in dialogs from message...
2012-02-10 H.G. MullerConfigure XBoard engines and textures
2012-02-10 H.G. MullerUpdate Dutch WinBoard translation
2012-02-10 H.G. MullerCreate room in some WB dialogs for translations
2012-02-10 H.G. MullerAdd 5 missing strings to WinBoard translation template
2012-02-10 Arun Persaudnew developer release
2012-02-10 Arun Persaudupdated po-filies
2012-02-10 Arun Persaudupdated Changelog, NEWS, etc.
2012-02-09 H.G. MullerFix non-bug in WinBoard
2012-02-09 H.G. MullerFix MAXENGINES in WinBoard
2012-02-09 H.G. MullerImplement kludge to set options through Move Type-in
2012-02-09 H.G. MullerPut move number in Eval Graph title
2012-02-09 H.G. MullerImplement -pgnNumberTag option
2012-02-09 H.G. MullerCreate separate debug fil for each tourney game
2012-02-09 H.G. MullerFix bug in WB combobox readout
2012-02-08 H.G. MullerAllow grouping of engines in engine list
2012-02-08 H.G. MullerFix TidyProgramName
2012-02-08 H.G. MullerPut recently used engines in WB menu
2012-02-07 H.G. MullerFix registering of EditTagsProg
2012-02-07 H.G. MullerIncrease max nr of engines to 2000
2012-02-07 H.G. MullerFix fix of switch to mono-mode
2012-02-07 H.G. MullerMake New Variant dialog visible in mono-mode
2012-01-19 H.G. MullerIncease size of WB array of translated items
2012-01-19 H.G. MullerImplement Clone Tourney button XBoard
2012-01-19 H.G. MullerImplement GenericUpdate function
2012-01-19 H.G. MullerFix arrow damage with highlightDragging XB
2012-01-18 H.G. MullerPrevent unnecessary loading of engines
2012-01-18 H.G. MullerReset protocol version before loading new engine
2012-01-17 H.G. MullerGive focus to board window after ICS login
2012-01-16 H.G. MullerFix seek-graph popup and popdown
2012-01-16 H.G. MullerSuppress empty lines when observing on VICS
2012-01-16 H.G. MullerFix printing non-numeric kibitz with -autoKibitz
2012-01-16 H.G. MullerFix 4 warnings
2012-01-16 H.G. MullerUse same translation of "vs." everywhere
2012-01-16 H.G. MullerAdd new translations to WB language file
2012-01-11 H.G. MullerFix re-allocation of PGN-cache memory
2012-01-11 H.G. MullerFix height board dialog
2012-01-11 H.G. MullerEnable WB time-control dialog even when no clock mode
2012-01-11 H.G. MullerExempt variant seirawan from -disguisePromoted inheritance
2012-01-10 H.G. MullerAdd control for overrideLineGap in WB Board dialog
2012-01-09 H.G. MullerAdd Ctrl-D as alternative to Ctrl+Alt+F12 in WinBoard
2012-01-09 H.G. MullerFix seek graph for VICS
2012-01-09 H.G. MullerOpen WB startup chat boxes only after logged on
2012-01-07 H.G. MullerInstall mime types directly
2012-01-07 H.G. MullerInstall desktop files directly
2012-01-07 H.G. MullerInstall icons directly
2012-01-06 H.G. MullerUpdate texi file and remove duplicate control
2012-01-06 H.G. MullerRemove the direct commands to the engines
2012-01-06 Arun Persaudforgot to list new desktop files in EXTRA_DIST section...
2012-01-06 Arun Persaudadded some autogenerated po files to .gitignore
2012-01-06 Arun Persaudadded desktop and mime-type association to autoconf...
2012-01-04 Arun Persaudcode cleanup: make function definition confirm to GNU...
2012-01-04 Arun PersaudUpdated copyright notice to 2012
2012-01-03 H.G. MullerImplement -viewerOptions
2012-01-03 H.G. MullerFix crash in auto-comment
2012-01-03 H.G. MullerFix crash at match end
2012-01-03 H.G. MullerAdd desktop files for PGN viewer and tournament player
2012-01-01 H.G. MullerAdd xml file for defining mime types
2012-01-01 H.G. MullerAdd icons for PGN and tourney files
2011-12-29 H.G. MullerClear square markers on new game
2011-12-29 H.G. MullerAbandon single-letter menus in tinyLayout
2011-12-29 H.G. MullerImplement peeking previous position in WinBoard
2011-12-29 H.G. MullerFix parsing of faulty PGN tags
2011-12-29 H.G. MullerFix parser for variant seirawan
2011-12-28 H.G. MullerTry to not confuse ICS rating adustments as shouts
2011-12-28 H.G. MullerDescribe -overrideLineGap option in texi file
2011-12-28 H.G. MullerUse <Enter> in stead of Ctrl+. for peeking last move
2011-12-28 H.G. MullerNext try for menu-bar sizing
2011-12-28 H.G. MullerClip texts on menu bar
2011-12-28 H.G. MullerFix format in temporary timing printf
2011-12-28 H.G. MullerDon't test drops as mate evasions in variant seirawan
2011-12-28 H.G. MullerFix ICS castling rights
2011-12-28 H.G. MullerFix initial holdings ICS seirawan games
2011-12-27 H.G. MullerFix sending of S-Chess gating moves to ICS
2011-12-27 H.G. MullerFix menu grayout after illegal move
2011-12-27 H.G. MullerAllow setting of holdings with edit command
2011-12-27 H.G. MullerFix out-of-bounds access in check test
2011-12-27 H.G. MullerFix legality of Spartan promotion to king
2011-12-27 H.G. MullerFix switching back from mono-mode XB
2011-12-27 H.G. MullerFix showTargetSquares in mono-mode XB
2011-12-27 H.G. MullerFix arrow highlighting in mono-mode XB
2011-12-27 H.G. MullerFix alignment of generic browse button XBoard
2011-12-27 H.G. MullerAdd -afterTourney option
2011-12-22 Byrial JensenFix buffer possible overflow when writings tags
2011-12-22 Byrial JensenOne more string marked for translation