2014-09-09 H.G.MullerUse -gameListFont in Game List
2014-09-09 H.G.MullerFix Chat window for Xaw build
2014-09-09 H.G.MullerFix infinite-regression problem on OS X
2014-09-09 H.G.MullerCorrect for .Xresources form->paneA renaming in manual
2014-09-09 H.G.MullerUse GTK fonts in Engine Output and Move History
2014-09-08 H.G.MullerInclude some conditional OS X fixes
2014-09-08 H.G.MullerFix WB DoEvents error
2014-09-08 H.G.MullerLimit auto-extending to click on first move of PV
2014-09-08 H.G.MullerAnimate multi-leg in auto-play and forward event
2014-09-08 H.G.MullerFix key bindings for non-menu functions
2014-09-08 H.G.MullerFix Xaw key bindings
2014-09-08 H.G.MullerDefine default font names
2014-09-08 H.G.MullerFix MSVC problems
2014-09-08 H.G.MullerFix GTK font patch
2014-09-07 H.G.MullerReplace strcasecmp by StrCaseCmp
2014-09-07 H.G.MullerLet GTK build pay attention to font arguments
2014-09-07 H.G.MullerFix auto-display comment option in General Options
2014-09-07 H.G.MullerCall DoEvents during time-consuming operations
2014-09-07 H.G.MullerFix GameListHighlight WB
2014-09-07 H.G.MullerProvide DoEvents function in front-ends
2014-09-06 H.G.MullerFix syntax error in bitbase code
2014-09-06 H.G.MullerDescribe Save Selected Games menu in manual
2014-09-06 H.G.MullerLet Save Games as Book only use selected games
2014-09-06 H.G.MullerRewrite key-binding section of manual
2014-09-06 H.G.MullerConnect scroll event to Graph Option in GTK
2014-09-06 H.G.MullerMake sure node count is positive
2014-09-05 H.G.MullerConnect mousewheel to Forward/BackwardEvent (XB)
2014-09-05 H.G.MullerFix size of time in Engine Output window
2014-09-04 H.G.MullerVerify if font-spec looks like one in Xaw
2014-09-04 H.G.MullerFix alignment in Engine Output window
2014-09-01 H.G.MullerAdd Save Selected Games menu item
2014-09-01 H.G.MullerAdd final piece count to search criteria
2014-08-29 H.G.MullerFix castling rights on using -lgf
2014-07-29 H.G.MullerFix crash on double-click in Game List Tags
2014-07-02 H.G.MullerFix typing of null moves
2014-07-02 H.G.MullerFix adjusting clocks in Xaw version
2014-07-02 H.G.MullerFix null-move entry during play
2014-04-09 H.G.MullerLet EditPosition double-click on piece promote it
2014-04-09 H.G.MullerMake EditPosition pallette work in Asian variants
2014-04-05 H.G.MullerFix crash on opening Tags window Xaw
2014-04-05 H.G. MullerFix writing of Chu-Shogi FENs
2014-04-01 H.G. MullerAllow pseudo-engines to adjust the clocks
2014-04-01 H.G. MullerFix piece inscriptions
2014-04-01 H.G. MullerFix reading Chu Shogi FENs
2014-03-17 H.G. MullerFix loading positions in engine-defined variant
2014-03-17 H.G. MullerRender inscriptions on Chu-promoted pieces in red
2014-03-17 H.G. MullerAllow writing text on pieces
2014-03-12 H.G. MullerFix initial sizing of board
2014-03-10 H.G. MullerFix width of menu bar
2014-03-09 H.G. MullerFix warnings fonts patch
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerImplement (clock-)font handling in GTK
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerAlso search indirection files in user's .xboard tree
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerFix error Engine Output text highlighting
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerFix Board-dialog bug WB
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerFix various warnings
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerKludge repair of expose after startup resize
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerUse first engine as default for second
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerAllow adding played move to book
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerPlay move right-clicked in Edit Book dialog
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerFix pop-down of ChatDlg and TextMenuDlg from menu
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerPreserve window width on board-format change
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerEquip Board Options dialog with themes listbox
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerImplement copy function in ICS Text Menu
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerWhen ICS Console open EOF from keyboard is no error
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerLeave xterm at start of new line after quitting XBoard
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerAlso display channel tell in ICS Console during private...
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerWrite broadcasts also to private chatbox of talker
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerFix Xaw Chat Console
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerLet Ctrl-O key open chat for last talker
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerAdd End Chat button
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerCtrl-N in chat opens empty chat
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerPreserve unfinished input lines during chat switch
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerRecognize Esc and Tab in ICS Console input
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerLet ICS Console pop up GTK in stead of ICS Input Box
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerAdd context menu to ICS console XB-GTK
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerIntegrate ICS output into Chat Window
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerAdd logo-size control XBoard
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerAdd Edit Engine List menu item to XBoard
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerFix warnings
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerFix moves of Spartan Captain
2014-03-02 H.G. MullerAdd Option type 'Skip'
2014-02-02 H.G. MullerDetect Fischer castling in FENs
2014-02-02 H.G. MullerAllow shuffling indicators in FEN
2014-02-02 H.G. MullerAllow wild-cards in FEN
2014-02-02 H.G. MullerFix Seirawan reverse-castling animation
2014-02-02 H.G. MullerMake Fischer castling generally available
2014-01-20 Arun Persaudupdated po/pot files
2014-01-20 Arun Persaudnew version number for developer release
2014-01-20 Arun Persaudupdated Dutch translation
2014-01-19 H.G. MullerPut ponder checkbox in Common Engine dialog WB
2014-01-19 H.G. MullerExpand %s in -openCommand to DATADIR and fix OSX settin...
2014-01-18 H.G. MullerAdd some checkboxes in General Options dialog WB
2014-01-18 H.G. MullerFix warning in CheckTest
2014-01-18 H.G. MullerFix printing of engine-output headers
2014-01-18 H.G. MullerFix sticky windows on Win8
2014-01-18 H.G. MullerDrag touching edges together (WB)
2014-01-18 H.G. MullerImplement new mate-score standard
2014-01-18 H.G. MullerPut fail-high/fail-low indicators in protocol specs
2014-01-18 H.G. Mullerswitch to new tbhits protocol
2014-01-18 H.G. MullerFix sorting of Engine Output