2011-06-08 H.G. MullerFix interrupting tournament
2011-06-08 H.G. MullerImprove quoting of engine name on install
2011-06-08 H.G. MullerPrint sensible window title during tourneys
2011-06-08 H.G. MullerLet XBoard propose name of tourney file
2011-06-08 H.G. MullerImprove Tournament dialog layout WB
2011-06-08 H.G. MullerFix -matchGames option
2011-05-31 Tim MannFixed small bugs in several .po files, enabling these...
2011-05-30 Tim MannThe empty string can't be translated and it causes...
2011-05-30 Tim MannAdd a final wildcard default for fonts. This gives...
2011-05-30 Tim MannAdded "misc-fixed" as a fallback font to handle locales...
2011-05-29 Arun Persaudtranslation: activated Ukrainian translation
2011-05-29 Arun Persaudtranslation: added new Ukrainian PO file from the TP
2011-05-29 Tim MannFix display of international characters outside the...
2011-05-29 Tim MannMove "hide thinking" option into alphabetical order.
2011-05-29 Tim MannFix a size mismatch in scanf. Untested, but the code...
2011-05-23 H.G. MullerFix layout tournament Load Engine dialog WB
2011-05-23 H.G. MullerFix ArgTwo warnings
2011-05-23 H.G. MullerAdd Swiss tourneys through pairing engine
2011-05-23 H.G. MullerAllow generic dialog to ignore OK
2011-05-23 H.G. MullerFix CR in multi-line WinBoard text-edits
2011-05-23 H.G. MullerLet mentioning completed tourney file add one cycle
2011-05-16 H.G. MullerMake engine startup failure non-fatal in WinBoard
2011-05-14 H.G. MullerAdd secondry adapter command for UCCI or USI
2011-05-14 H.G. MullerObey san feature when sending book moves
2011-05-14 H.G. MullerFix initialization of engine state
2011-05-11 H.G. MullerTake account of holdings in book key
2011-05-11 H.G. MullerAlow promotions and drops in book-editing
2011-05-11 H.G. MullerInclude learn info in book edit
2011-05-09 H.G. MullerAdapt default directory of lng2po
2011-05-09 H.G. MullerRecode some po files
2011-05-09 H.G. MullerImplement Edit Book in XBoard
2011-05-09 H.G. MullerImprove WB Load Engine dialog texts
2011-05-09 H.G. MullerMake 'add to list' default in Load Engine dialog
2011-05-09 H.G. MullerAdd -userFileDirectory option
2011-05-09 H.G. MullerAdd option -absoluteAnalysisScores
2011-05-09 H.G. MullerAutomatically play moves of clicked PV in analyze mode
2011-05-09 H.G. MullerLet ParsePV always generate SAN move
2011-05-09 H.G. MullerFix vscrolling in XBoard Engine-Output window
2011-05-08 H.G. MullerFix button sizing in generic popup
2011-05-08 H.G. MullerAllow changing MultiPV setting from Engine-Output window
2011-05-08 H.G. MullerNo clearing of Engine-Output memos on stat01
2011-05-08 Arun Persaudupdated xboard.pot with released version
2011-05-08 Arun Persaudnew developer release
2011-05-08 Arun Persaudupdated ChangeLog, NEWS, etc.
2011-05-08 Arun Persauddeactivated new languages for the moment...
2011-05-08 Arun Persaudadded translations generated via lng2po from all winboa...
2011-05-08 Arun Persaudlng2po.sh: added command line options, GPL header
2011-05-08 Arun Persaudfixed access rights to winboard language files (644...
2011-05-07 H.G. MullerImport WinBoard language files into git
2011-05-07 H.G. MullerLet Shift+RightClick on PV actually play the PV moves
2011-05-07 H.G. MullerMake book-edit function WB
2011-05-07 H.G. MullerFix resetting engine options
2011-05-07 H.G. MullerAdd -first/secondPgnName option
2011-05-07 H.G. MullerLet XB generic popup define default file extensions
2011-05-07 H.G. MullerSave time-control settings in tourney file
2011-05-07 H.G. MullerPut saveGameFile in tournament dialog
2011-05-07 H.G. MullerPlug memory leak, filenames relative to installDir
2011-05-07 H.G. MullerAdd WB new popup prototypes
2011-05-07 H.G. MullerAdd partcipants at bottom in tourney dialog (WB)
2011-05-07 H.G. MullerFix range of tourneyType spin WB
2011-05-07 H.G. MullerFix exit popup in tourney mode
2011-05-07 H.G. MullerFix stopping of match in tourney mode
2011-05-07 H.G. MullerAdd default extension in file browser
2011-05-07 H.G. MullerImprove sizing of comment and tags dialogs
2011-05-07 H.G. MullerFix generic combobox bug
2011-05-07 H.G. MullerFix PV walking in analysis mode
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerLift length-limit on text-edits in WB generic popup
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerLift limitation of text length in generic dialog XB
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerImplement Tournament Options dialog WinBoard
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerMake option to draw second engine from first list
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerFix error message on engine load
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerImplement Load Engine dialog in WinBoard
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerLoad new logo on engine change WinBoard
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerAllow switching off match mode through menu
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerCalculate and display tourney result
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerImplement Tournament Manager
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerDisplay note in stead of empty engine-settings dialog XB
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerFix crash on empty Engine Settings dialog
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerRefactor code for loading games and positions in match
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerAdd callback possibility to combobox selection
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerLock game an position file during writing
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerRemove building rule for parser.c from WB makefiles
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerFix Engine Settings buttons in WinBoard
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerImplement flock in WinBoard
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerFix grayout XB Match Options in ICS mode
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerDelay loading of second engine until it is used
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerFix zippy bughouse partner bug
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerSilence more rpm warnings
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerFix warnings XBoard file browser
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerFix some warnings and header-file improvement
2011-05-04 H.G. MullerCreate conversion tools for language files
2011-05-02 H.G. MullerPut gettext markers in generic dialog creator
2011-05-02 Tim MannUse getaddrinfo instead of gethostbyname. Hopefully...
2011-04-24 Arun Persaudupdated German translation
2011-04-24 Arun Persaudreplaced hardcoded email address with generic PACKAGE_B...
2011-04-23 Arun Persaudupdated po-files; updated german translation
2011-04-23 Arun Persaudupdated list of files that include translation strings...
2011-04-23 Arun Persaudmarked more strings for gettext that were only marked...
2011-04-23 Arun Persaudupdated translation files
2011-04-23 Arun Persaudadded/fixed i18n support via gettext to xboard