2009-10-14 Arun Persaudremoved AnalysisPopUp. Use EngineOutputPopUp instead
2009-10-14 H.G. MullerProper board and holdings size when switching to varian...
2009-10-14 Arun Persaudcleaned up an old #ifdef in zippy
2009-10-13 Eric Mullinsneglected this for the auto-width updating in xboard
2009-10-13 Eric MullinsAdded server width adjustment based on client width...
2009-10-13 Eric Mullinssilence some compiler warnings
2009-10-12 Eric MullinsMaintainence to support all compilers.
2009-10-11 Eric MullinsAdjusted alternative joining method to obey keepLineBre...
2009-10-11 H.G. Mullerfix for bug #27668: e.p. field still not passed to...
2009-10-11 H.G. Mullerfix for bug #27666: naming of variants
2009-10-11 H.G. Mullerchanged enable menus
2009-10-11 H.G. MullerAdded a command-line option -keepLineBreaksICS true...
2009-10-11 Eric MullinsAdded code to prevent unnecessary width updates.
2009-10-11 Eric MullinsTurned off wrap when possible on ICS servers.
2009-10-10 Eric Mullinsvsnprintf() must be _vsnprintf() for MSVC
2009-10-10 Eric Mullinsadded code to handle initial width update
2009-10-10 Eric MullinsAdded width updates to ICS client on font and window...
2009-10-10 Eric Mullinsadded ics_printf() and ics_update_width() and utility...
2009-10-10 Eric MullinsCleaned up ConsoleWndProc (not complete, see below)
2009-10-10 Eric MullinsRestructured URL code so it fits better with how winboa...
2009-10-10 Arun Persaudcleanup: removed "#if 1" statements
2009-10-10 Arun Persaudcleanup: removed "#if 0" from source
2009-10-10 H.G. Mullerfix joining of lines split by ICS
2009-10-10 H.G. Mullerfix for bug #27642: Clock jumps strangely in engine...
2009-10-10 H.G. Mullerremoved test for premove
2009-10-10 Eric Mullinsadded URL detection and provided hotlinks in the ICS...
2009-10-10 Eric Mullinsreverted winboard.c beofre URL commit to correct whites...
2009-10-09 Eric MullinsAdded URL detection into the console text window for...
2009-10-09 Arun Persaudadded some comments and formated code
2009-10-09 Chris Rorvickfix printing out help message (list of command line...
2009-10-09 Eric MullinsMerge branch 'master' of git://git.sv.gnu.org/xboard
2009-10-09 Eric MullinsUpdated navigation accelerators, fixing ICS problems.
2009-10-09 H.G. Mullerfixed premove recapture problem;promotion popup appeari...
2009-10-09 H.G. Mulleradded forceIllegalMove to xboard
2009-10-06 Arun Persaudbugfix: segfault when invalid option argument was given...
2009-10-06 H.G. Mullersmall improvement for JAWS version
2009-10-06 H.G. Mullerupdated to winboard internationalization scripts
2009-10-06 H.G. Mullernew forceIllegalMoves option
2009-10-05 Eric MullinsMerge branch 'master' of git://git.sv.gnu.org/xboard
2009-10-05 Eric Mullinsremoved _winmajor if not defined so that VC 2008 can...
2009-10-04 Arun Persaudgetting ready for 4.4.1 release
2009-10-03 Eric MullinsSimplified future version changes.
2009-10-02 Arun Persaudupdated version number to 4.4.1.pre
2009-10-02 H.G. Mullerworked on premove bug
2009-10-02 H.G. Mullerfixed loading of saved games via command line
2009-10-02 H.G. Mullersmall fixes for the JAWS version
2009-10-01 Eric MullinsFixed bug dereferencing garbage, causing crash.
2009-10-01 Eric MullinsAdded wchat.c to the project files we maintain.
2009-10-01 Eric MullinsPrevious fix for VC++/strcasecmp() was wrong-- use...
2009-10-01 Eric MullinsAdd resource ID for new Mute menu item.
2009-10-01 Eric MullinsUse of strcasecmp() broke Visual C++.
2009-10-01 Arun Persaudwrong default value for engineDebugOutput
2009-09-30 Arun Persaudupdated cmail.in to adapt the CVS->git change
2009-09-30 H.G. Mullerbugfix for protocol extensions: egtbpath -> egtpath
2009-09-30 H.G. Mullerfix for edit-position "moves" being sent by XBoard...
2009-09-30 H.G. MullerEngine did not start playing when out of GUI book on...
2009-09-30 H.G. MullerOpening Engine #1 Settings crashed XBoard when there...
2009-09-30 H.G. Mulleradded a "Mute All Sounds" item in the WinBoard Options...
2009-09-30 H.G. MullerUpdated the RTF docs for the chat windows, engine-setti...
2009-09-30 H.G. MullerMade the beep sounds for JAWS board navigation configur...
2009-09-30 H.G. MullerPrepared a system to internationalize the WinBoard...
2009-09-30 H.G. Mulleradded the result comment to the game-list tags when...
2009-09-30 H.G. Mullerrewrote wevalgraph for better frontend/backend separation
2009-09-30 H.G. Mullerfix for keepalive and chat window
2009-09-30 H.G. Mullerfixed parse bug for pgn files
2009-09-30 H.G. Mullerallow the result comment as a display item in the game...
2009-09-30 H.G. Mullerfixed the HAVE_LIBXPM-dependent compile errors
2009-09-30 H.G. Mulleradded a chat window to keep track of multiple conversations
2009-09-27 Arun Persaudmore files for git to ignore
2009-09-27 Arun Persaudanother bug fix found by Stanislav Brabec
2009-09-21 Eric MullinsSwapped 'tell' and 'message' parsing order for coloriza...
2009-09-08 Arun Persaudadded some more files to be distributed via make dist
2009-09-08 Arun Persaudfixed some implicit declarations reported by Stanislav...
2009-09-08 Arun Persaudfixed a few more small bugs reported by Stanislav Brabec
2009-09-07 Arun Persaudreverted .texi file and fixed Makefile.am
2009-09-07 Arun Persaudget "make distcheck" to work
2009-09-05 Arun Persaudchanged to version 4.4.0 v4.4.0
2009-09-05 Arun Persaudupdated AUTHORS, README and ChangeLog files for release
2009-09-05 H.G. Mullerfixed some typos
2009-09-05 H.G. Mullerset castling rights after setting up a position
2009-09-04 Arun Persaudremoved install files from master
2009-09-04 H.G. Mullerupdated polyglot protocol
2009-09-04 H.G. Mullerfixed some typos
2009-09-04 Eric MullinsUpdated project files for DevCpp and Visual Studio...
2009-09-04 Eric MullinsAdded newline at end of file to silence warning.
2009-09-01 H.G. Mullerworkaround for error message for missing pieces used... v4.4.0.beta2
2009-09-01 H.G. Mullerupdated installe script
2009-09-01 H.G. Mullerupdated documentation
2009-09-01 H.G. Mullerupdated installer script
2009-09-01 H.G. Mullernew help files for windows
2009-08-26 H.G. Mullerupdated installer
2009-08-26 H.G. Mullerundid some previous changes
2009-08-26 H.G. Mullerfixed small bug in wsetting
2009-08-26 H.G. Mullertrigger a focus switch to ICS input field when typing
2009-08-26 H.G. Mullerbug in backend.c when receiving lines from ICS
2009-08-25 H.G. Mullerfixed warning messages from compiler
2009-08-23 Arun Persaudfixed build on OS X
2009-08-23 H.G. MullerOK, this is the beefed up version of the Polyglot info...
2009-08-23 Arun Persaudadded missing X_LIBS references to Makefile.am
2009-08-23 Arun Persaudmade the install script and executable