descriptionChess and Xiangqi user interface
ownerH.G. Muller
last changeSat, 4 Jun 2016 03:56:16 +0000 (23:56 -0400)
2016-06-04 Joshua PettusUpdate sr.po translation master
2016-05-16 H.G.MullerFix compile error Xaw build
2016-05-12 H.G.MullerForgotten header for previous patch
2016-05-10 H.G.MullerAbbreviate DATADIR to ~~ while saving XB themes
2016-05-10 H.G.MullerFix crash on too-long theme definitions
2016-05-10 H.G.MullerFix debris after click-click explosion near board edge
2016-05-10 H.G.MullerFix highlights clearing when highlight last move off
2016-05-10 H.G.MullerFix redrawing of pieces dragged off board (bug #47888)
2016-05-09 H.G.MullerDescribe new Edit menu items in texi file
2016-05-09 H.G.MullerAdd Mute all Sounds menu XB
2016-05-08 H.G.MullerDescribe use of blue highlights in protocol specs
2016-05-08 H.G.MullerFix forgetting 'choice' command after promotion
2016-05-08 H.G.MullerFix description of Tournament Options in texi file
2016-05-08 H.G.MullerFix multi-leg promotions
2016-05-08 H.G.MullerErase markers before processing highlight FEN
2016-05-08 H.G.MullerFix saving of piece colors as part of theme
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12 years ago master-20100221 new developer release
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13 years ago master-20100206 new developer release
13 years ago gtk-20100206 new develope release
13 years ago gtk-20100118 new developer release
13 years ago v4.4.3.20100118 new developer release
13 years ago master-20100118 new developer release
13 years ago hgm-4.20100107
13 years ago v4.4.2 release of 4.4.2
13 years ago gtk-20091122 new pre-release version
13 years ago master-20091122 new pre-release version
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13 years ago v4.4.1 release of version 4.4.1
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